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Welcome from Coach "D"


Hi name is Delroy Rhoomsbetter known as “ Coach D”

I want to welcome you to our High Performance Female Soccer Explosive Speed, Power and Acceleration Camp, this camp is completely dedicated to the development of speed and Acceleration for female soccer Players.
We have been training female soccer athletes for over 15 years. We have had the pleasure of training 1000’s of female soccer players in the many years I have been a strength coach . I have trained female soccer athletes who have started with us from the youth development ages, many of these athletes have gone on to play at the College and University levels in both the United States and Canada. We provide speed acceleration training programs to fit all levels of female Soccer development, our programs can be used for youth, high school, University, or professional athletes. We take a unique approach to training for our female soccer players, which includes Strength, Power and Acceleration . A lot of soccer training programs focus on the “ fitness”, with lots of long cardio based work outs. The demands of the game of soccer is based on quick bursts of speed followed by active rest periods. The United Soccer - Hamilton Female Soccer Speed Acceleration camp we focus on developing power and acceleration , so our players are more dynamic in their movements on the pitch, faster to any 50/50 balls, and can have the fastest first step acceleration off a dead stop or an active rest position to finish at the net or defend to stop an attack on net.

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565 Seaman St, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5Z5  |

Please be aware - spots for this camp are limited. We will register on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Female Soccer Athletes Ages 12 - 25


March 6th - 29th
Fri : 7:00pm - 8:00pm


$199 +HST (per athlete)


  • Paige Culver - Kent State , Ohio - Rookie of the year , Mac East Champion.
  • Taylor Maclean - Saint Peter's University, New Jersey - ranked # 5 in saves in D1 NCAA Women's Soccer.
  • Ronnie Johnson - University of Miami - Florida - scored hat trick 1st in career.
  • Alex Abraham - University of Maine.
  • Emily Rotterman - Wright State University.
  • Kendra Wynter - Univesity of Waterloo - Ontario.
  • Nikita Schofield - McMaster University - Ontario.
  • Dianna Matheson - Canadian Women's National Soccer Team.
  • Bianca Kristo - St Bonaventure University- New York.
  • Courtney Evans - Miami , Ohio - Ohio.
  • Vanessa Guglietti - University of Western Ontario.
  • Julianna Guglietti- University of Western Ontario.
  • Julia Semple – University of Western Ontario
  • Izzy Lynch – Waterloo University


    565 Seaman St, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5Z5  |  905-330-1793 |